Wednesday, July 2, 2014

He's Hoooommme!

Our world traveller has returned to us at last! He brought home half the stuff he left with, a hundred mosquito bites, lots and lots of stories. He was met by his siblings who couldn't get enough hugs from him, a banner made by Shelly and a hundred questions from Mom and Dad. Did you take any showers? Brush your teeth? Use deodorant? Sunscreen? No, not ever, nope, NONE! He looks like he's gained two inches and a year or two in the last four days. How did he grow up so much?

We celebrated his return by taking our party (and Chinese takeout) to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids are all now fast asleep in bed, recovering from the day's fun, finally!

Welcome home Archer!

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Bampa said...

Thanks for bringing the party to our house. We are glad we could be part of the homecoming. And a huge thanks from Bampa to Archer for a new hat. It's already my favorite. See you tomorrow.