Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Archery for All

Not to be left in the dust, last night was Shelly's turn to join the fun and she had an archery session at a local club. Only one other kid showed up, and she was already pretty skilled. So Shelly got the full attention of the three gentlemen who were coaching, she got lots of tips and encouragement. Elijah even had a chance to try out a couple of bows, but he's just not quite ready yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how she improves over the summer!

Shelly's quiver is nearly as long as her leg! Also, its a good thing she was wearing shorts under her dress so she could tuck the dress out of the way and attach the quiver to her shorts.

1 comment:

Bampa said...

Nice job Shelly! Can't wait to hear where the arrows flew to. Did E try to shoot the arrows too?